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Equity Tips For Investors

Capitalstars Investment Advisor

Not able to make money in equity markets? We, at Capitalstars Investment Advisor, guide traders and help them achieve big. We provide Equity tips/recommendation to our customers with high level of accuracy. Our Equity tips are produced by dedicated and experienced Research Analysts after in-depth technical analysis and charting. Traders can subscribe to our paid services for higher accuracy.

Equity tips are given for NSE cash segments. These recommendations are given after rigorous study and research of data and charts. These recommendations have historically shown the high level of success in terms of high levels of accuracy. To keep the traders a step ahead of the market, we use technologically advanced platforms - SMS Server and Mobile Applications (IOS and Android) so that the trader can get enough time for execution of a call.

Due to volatile nature of the market, we advise our traders to understand the risk and have appropriate knowledge before starting a trade. For traders, tips/recommendations provide a huge support to act in the market. However, we have always suggested our clients keep an eye on the market and to not believe on any tip/recommendation from unknown source. A good market understanding, investing regularly & connecting to right advisor helps the trader to be successful.

Our Intra-day Equity tips help the individual traders to trade with the recommendations which are scientifically researched. We help traders to square off recommendations within a day and usually avoid having over-night risks. By following a top-down approach, our Research team minimizes the risk and tries to provide the best possible accuracy on the calls.

Features of Equity Tips
* Equity tips is ideal for intra-day trades
* Medium risk is involved in such trades
* Daily, 2-3 equity tips are provided
* Follow-up message on mobile application and SMS are sent for assistance
* Minimum investment required in this product is INR1,00,000

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